Powerful security solutions are partnerships that require a strong commitment to performance.  Performance is our way of life!


Warren Buffet said it best.  “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” .

Security and the police form a symbiotic relationship.  One needs the other equally as much.  Each has their place in effective security solutions.  Security has more authority on private property then police when it comes to preventative measures.  As a result of security being dedicated to your facility they are first on scene hence they are true first responders.  Even though security has the right to make arrests, the police are best suited for this type of activity once a crime has been committed.  Many companies struggle between police or security when the real question should be how to use them both.

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The modern concept of doing something “under someone’s Aegis” means doing something under the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable, and dedicated source. The word aegis is identified with protection by a strong force with its roots in Greek mythology.  When it comes to security, Aegis Specialist is a powerful and knowledgeable partner.  Your security concerns become our vision and mission.  To understand why our clients don’t leave us, you would first need to explore our approach to security and to customer service.

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A true security solution is customized.  One size does not fit all.  A true security solution begins with a threat assessment and environmental scanning and becomes more layered as you progress through the process.  It is much more than a security guard walking around.  Pricing is very competitive hence pricing structures are highly guarded secretes in the industry.  Read more to understand our pricing methodology and to explore questions you will want to consider before our initial consult to make our time with you extremely productive and valuable!

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A picture is worth a 1,000 words. 

True Security is Layers Upon Layers

The deeper a criminal gets, the more uncomfortable they feel.

It's a Process

True security solutions are not static.  It is much greater than a uniformed officer.  Effective solutions require constant environmental monitoring and stress testing of the current strategy.  It is a multistage process.


It's a Joint Effort

Clients are part of the process and part of the solution.  True security is a working relationship between the client and the service provider.  Security evolves everyone associated with your location.  A solid communication plan is critical. 
process 4

It is Managed

Leadership and daily management is a must to ensure success.  Properly selected and leveraged technology combined with superb officer selection and continuous education are primary components. 


It is Adaptable

As society grows and technology changes so does the criminal and their approach.  If humans can make it, humans can and will break it.  A true security solution must constantly scan for threats and risks and make adjustments faster than the criminal element.  Officers must be well selected to allow for in the moment decision when policy is obsolete.

Happy Customers


Good Afternoon! I hope that you are doing well. I just wanted to email you this afternoon and let you know that myself and Redemption School of Ministry staff is very pleased with the Security of Value Guard as a whole. The Security Officers are always willing to go above and beyond to do what we’ve requested and making sure security is at its highest point and communicating with us with what goes on throughout the campus.  Redemption Staff as a whole appreciates the way that Donny leads the Security Officer’s, we see the rare quality of leadership in him and appreciate the team player he is between the officer’s and Redemption Staff. We recognize that the Security Officer’s are top notch because of the leadership that pours into them daily.

We are blessed and thankful to be in partnership with Value Guard!

Thank you,

MaryBeth, Redemption School of Ministry
Since we hired Aegis Specialist, Superior Creek Lodge has documented each and every 911 call made from the property . Items documented are; Room number that made-call, time of call, length of -call, reason for call, outcome of call, and action taken by the Superior Creek Lodge in response to the call. During the 6-month period since security was contracted as the Superior Creek Lodge security calls to 911 Emergency Services have·decreased over 75% versus the 6-rnonth period prior to their hire.

Other statistics include:

Arrests have decreased over-92%

Domestic disturbance calls have decreased over 86%.

Drug related calls have decreased over 95%

Felony Crimes have decreased over 98°

Alcohol related calls have decreased over 84%.

David Gysin, Superior Creek Lodge

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